Credit Inquiry Removal Help

Tips on How to Remove Credit Inquiries from Your Credit Report


Every time someone checks your credit report, despite the party requesting access, the process results in a credit in inquiry indicated on your report. With that said your credit score will be affected by the nature of request.


Hard credit inquiries result at when an inquiry is initiated by someone who wants to apply for credit including loan or credit card. On the other hand, checking your own credit report or when it is part of a job application or insurance quote will result to inquiries recorded as soft inquiries.


Parties that check your credit report are only able to see hard credit inquiries at, and therefore your credit score will be affected by hard credit inquiries only. You should check whether all hard inquiries are legitimate. However, some hard inquiries may have been made without your permission or could have resulted from fraud. In such a case, these inquiries can be disputed and removed. This can be done with the assistance of credit repair agency, or you can do it yourself.


Although you can actually file your credit report on your own, most people do not have the time or even energy to file disputes with every credit bureau for every single inquiry. More so, it becomes even difficult to make follow-ups for almost a month or so to make sure that there is progress is being made. Additionally, you may be trying to remove many inquiries from these reports which means that you will be looking at quite a number of dispute forms that require to be filed out and follow-ups made.


The first choice that you have is to hire an experienced and reputable credit repair agency to do the work on your behalf. This can be the right way to obtain an outcome that you may want without the need to waste your own precious time.


The second alternative is to file a dispute with credit bureau yourself. This is especially if your credit report dispute only has a few inquiries resulting from fraud. This might just be more affordable and easy to follow up the items yourself. You will be required to file a separate dispute for every credit bureau for every single inquiry since the bureaus are different entities and are not obliged to share information on disputes on an investigation. You can file dispute either by mail or online in the credit bureau's website now that we are in a digital era. If you want to read more ways on how to remove inquiries from your credit report, check out